Can we build a unique three way marketplace? Sure we can!

Low-Fi is a platform for intimate concerts in unique spaces created by musicians, hosts and music lovers.

With Low-Fi three different types of users come together to create unique music experiences. The platform connects musicians, hosts and concert goers by allowing them to create profiles and share their musical talents, space and musical preferences. The goals was to create an elegant and transparent platform that makes it easy for all types of users to fulfill their purpose, while making it easy for Low-Fi to run the site and focus on building a community on talented artists and music lovers.

Applied Skills
Research, Business Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design, Development, Hosting Infrastructure

Project Lead
Frederik Mørch

Fully automated ticket and payment handling

To keep concert prices at reasonable levels while ensuring most of the payments go directly to the pockets of the artists, Low-Fi needed a fully automated solution to handle the flow of inbound payments, creation of tickets, commission, and payouts to artists and hosts, which all has to happen with the right timing in relation to the concerts. We created a worry-free automated solution using Stripe to ensure that the flow runs smoothly in this critical part of the business that Low-Fi runs.


Built from the ground up, we designed and developed a tailor made scalable platform to suit the requirements from Low-Fi using PHP and Angular.

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Thomas Bærnholdt

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Frederik Mørch
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