Custom built task management system

Teamplayer handles merchandising and demonstration on behalf of the biggest FMCG operators in Denmark by promoting and representing brands across all retail channels.

With more than 100 employees throughout the country handling numerous tasks every single day, Teamplayer needed an efficient and user friendly platform which can present a clear overview to both employees, clients, and business managers.

Applied Skills
Research, Business Strategy,
UX Design, Visual Design,
Development, Hosting Infrastructure

Project Lead
Jaike Spijkerman

Demographic complexities

Having many future users of this system with the mindset that IT can be a burden rather than a helpful tool, we emphasized the initial phases of understanding user needs and behavior, and we assisted the client in creating a strong sense of ownership for the new platform among the employees.
Our interface team did a thorough user research including interviews and interface tests with core users to make sure the platform was very intuitive for its future users.

Fully automated salary – integration for Danløn

Doing monthly salary payouts to more than a hundred employees might seem complex, especially considering the many different wages and tariffs that apply for the tasks Teamplayer solves.
To overcome this monthly ordeal, Bærnholdt has created a strong integration towards Danløn (one of the biggest Danish Salary systems) so calculating on the vast amount of daily data and creating monthly payslips have become a simple task.


Teamplayer now have a tailor made task management system to handle all their daily operations and to give Teamplayer the business intelligence tool they need to continue providing a high quality service while being extremely cost efficient.
The system was designed from the ground up and built by Bærnholdt using Laravel for PHP and it is able to scale with the client for many years to come.

Since the system runs a ‘by invitation only’ access, we are not able to let you browse the system.

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Thomas Bærnholdt

Thomas Bærnholdt
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Jaike Spijkerman

Jaike Spijkerman
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