Adding transparency to a tasteful industry

Spiseliv provides profiles for restaurants, cafees, bars, and much more so their users can discover great places to wine and dine.

Spiseliv’s mission is to encourage more people to go out and eat on the many lovely restaurants the city has to offer, acknowledging that the pearls are sometimes hidden away from the main streets.
Spiseliv needed a new site that could convey the overview they take pride in making so the hungry visitors can explore all the possibilities, along with Spiseliv’s carefully written reviews and beautiful photos of the places that both serve to conduct that unique DNA of every single place.

Applied Skills
Research, Business Strategy,
UX Design, Visual Design,
Development, Hosting Infrastructure

Project Lead
Jaike Spijkerman

Back office systems and daily operations

The publishers and account managers needed one single system from which they can run the entire business, publish content, and manage place profiles as many processes handling both content and account information is tangled together in the reality of Spiseliv’s daily operations.
We created a simple system that Spiseliv can use to both handle content management and customer relationships.

Automated industry insights

Navigating in the restaurant scene, an industry that is notoriously known for rapid changes of business ownerships, bankruptcies and new places opening up all the time, Spiseliv loved our idea of connecting the official Danish Business Registry directly into their back office systems.
This creates an automated layer of knowledge on top of the core insights the Spiseliv team constantly gather through their network, helping Spiseliv always being aware of the latest news.

Localized content taken to the next level

Most users looking to find a restaurant are looking for local expertise so Spiseliv makes a great effort in gathering and providing an in-depth knowledge about all big cities and small towns throughout the country.
For the site to reflect this great amount of local knowledge to all users, we created a system that makes it possible for Spiseliv to automate the creation of unique home pages for every location.


We built a site for Spiseliv that gives visitors an appetizing experience and supports both curious explorers discovering their next favorite restaurant and experienced guests looking for details about specific places they already know.

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Thomas Bærnholdt

Thomas Bærnholdt
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Jaike Spijkerman

Jaike Spijkerman
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